New laundry equipment

Rampark Industrial Services supply new laundry equipment for the industrial laundry. We provide complete wash room and processing solutions. We supply complete batch washer systems and chest heated flatwork ironers from Transferon. From Lavamac we supply washer extractors, Medical barrier washers, dryers and cylinder heated ironers. Machines can be supplied with electrical, gas or steam heated options

Second-hand laundry equipment

We supply all equipment required by the industrial laundry, equipment can be supplied new, rebuilt or used as required by the individual customer. All reconditioned and used laundry equipment is sourced in Germany from working laundries where the equipment has been maintained and serviced to a high standard. Please browse our MACHINE LIST

Liquid soap

Rampark Industrial Services can supply liquid soap products and dosing systems from Burnus Hychem, a German company with many years experience in the manufacture of liquid soap products, dosing systems and designing of wash processes.

About us

Rampark Industrial Services is an Irish based company supplying quality laundry equipment to the UK, Irish and Asian industrial laundry sector. Most of the laundry machines we supply are sourced in Germany giving the comfort of "made in Germany" reliability and technology.

In association with Ecotex Laundry Systems we supply quality rebuilt and second-hand laundry equipment. Ecotex is a company with many years experience in the refurbishing and supply of laundry machines to customers worldwide. Together with them, we can provide assistance from the outset on any project, from the planning and design of a project through to the final installation and commissioning.

In association with Transferon we can supply washroom and processing solutions for the industrial laundry. Complete CBW systems for the washroom from the original TFK Super batch washer to the latest Transflex Eco tunnel washer with innovative design and extremely effecient water, steam and electrical consumption. For flatwork processing the Transferon ironer with original designed steel chests produces an excellent finish to linen over a long service period.

In association with Lavamac we can supply new laundry equipment for the industrial laundry, we have found from experience that the machines are extremly reliable throughout their working life, and the initial purchase price is competitive.

In association with Burnus Hychem we can provide a complete solution for the wash process in the industrial laundry. From the supply of perfectly tailored liquid soap products, through to the accurate dosing of the liquid soap into the wash process.
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