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02.01.2012 | New Year Wishes
We would like to wish all our customers and friends a happy and successfull 2012
29.12.2011 | Complete small piece ironer line
Kannegiesser EMK feeder from 1999 (feeding by clamps our by hand direct on vacuum belts)
Passat Setra 2 x 800 x 3000 ironer (steam heating)
Kannegiesser RFL-J folder (length folding)

This is an ideal line for small pieces
28.12.2011 | Complete Ironer Line for sale
Lavatec 2 Roll x 800 x 3500 ironer with feed bands for hand feeding or indirect feeding with feeder from 1997
Kannegiesser CFL folder for length folding from 1999
Kannegiesser MKF folder and stacker from 1999

This is an ideal line for folding and stacking napkins & pillowcases

21.02.2011 | Complete Laundry For Sale
In this weeks newsletter we have included details of a complete laundry for sale. Included in the sale is 
A Passat 15 x 36 kg CBW with a batch loading conveyor, a Passat water extraction press, a dryer shuttle and a Passat  steam dryer.
A Lavatec 2 roll x 800 x 3500 ironer with hand feeding and a folder for length folds and a folder for small pieces.
A Lavatec 2 roll x1200x3000 ironer with an Amko vacuum feeder, an Amko large piece folder and an Amko small piece folder
3 Lavatec pass through steam heated dryers with dryer shuttle and controls (1993 - 2004), currently operates as a stand alone 
system with a lift for laundry trolleys but could be integrated into a batch washer system.
A Lavatec stand alone dryer with steam heating.
Amko tunnel finisher for 1200 pieces/hour with storage rails and hanging stations.
Kleindienst garment folders from 1989 & 1992
Amko towel folder with 3 outlets for grading and stacking 
2 x Milnor 165kg barrier washer extractors of type- 60036 SG3 with upgraded electronic controls.

24.01.2011 | Kannegiesser Grande ironing line
In the current newsletter we have included a Kannegiesser "Grande" ironer line from 12/2004. The line consists of the following-
EMD feeder with 1 & 2 lane operation from 2 feeding stations and 3 lane with manual feeding.
Steam heated Grande Ironer 1 roll x 2000mm diameter and 3500mm effective ironing width.
RFM folder with 2 lenght folds, 1 & 2 lane operation with cross folding and 3 lane length folding.
The complete line is from December 2004 and is available ex laundry.
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