New laundry equipment

Rampark Industrial Services can also meet your requirements for new laundry equipment.

Complete CBW Systems and chest heated ironers from TRANSFERON

                       Medical Barrier Washers from BWE

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Transferon Batch Loading Conveyor
4 compartment batch loading conveyor for 50kg, 75kg & 100kg batch sizes. 
Inclined conveyor with integrated load cells for the accurate weighing of each batch.
Transferon Transflex Super CBW
Transferon Transflex Super CBW - the original designed transferon batch washer with complete double drum execution and counterflow washing for complete flexibility in the wash process.
Available in 60kg, 75kg & 100kg batch sizes in lengths from 7 - 20 compartments
Transferon Transflex Eco CBW
Transferon Transflex Eco - designed on the basis of the original but with double and single drum combination and integrated water tanks within the main frame. Fully enclosed externally with stainless steel panels.
Available in 50kg, 75kg & 100kg batch sizes in lengths from 7 - 20 compartments.
Transferon Water Extraction Press
The Transferon Press is available with 35bar and 51bar membrane
pressure in matching sizes for the Transflex Super and Transflex Eco batch washers.
Transferon dryer shuttle
Dryer shuttles for the transfer of linen from the press to the batch dryers, complete with compound controls and available in single or double batch construction.
Transferon Batch Dryer
The extremely ecconomical Transferon 14/10 D (50kg) and 16/15 D (100kg) dryers are available in Gas and Steam heating.
Transferon Conveyors
Transferon unloading, sorting and transport conveyors for the collection of the dried linen and transportation to the processing area can be supplied to customer requirements.
Transferon Flatwork Ironers
The Transferon flatwork ironer is available with 1000mm, 1300mm and 1600mm roll diameters in 1,2 or 3 roll combinations with working widths of 3m, 3.3m and 3.5m. The ironer chest design follows the traditional steel chest design to provide an excellent finishing quality over a long service period.
Laundry equipment for the commercial and industrial laundry
Lavamac Washer-Extractors from the LH range:
sizes from 6Kg to 120Kg with steam, electrical or hot water heating options
Lavamac Medical Barrier Washers from the LMA range:
sizes form 16Kg to 180Kg with steam electrical or hot water heating options
Lavamac Dryers from the LS and LDR range:
sizes from 9Kg to 77Kg with steam, gas or electrical heating options
Lavamac Ironers from the LR and LSR range:
electrical, gas or steam heated cylinder ironers, with return feed or pass through to optional folders & stackers.
Roll size - 250mm to 500mm
Working width - 1000mm to 3200mm
Visit the producer website to view details of each model: