Second-hand laundry equipment

We supply all equipment required by the industrial laundry, equipment can be supplied new, rebuilt or used as required by the individual customer. All reconditioned and used laundry equipment is sourced in Germany from working laundries where the equipment has been maintained and serviced to a high standard.

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Senking P36 CBW System
CBW - Senking P36 x 13 fully rebuilt
PRESS - Senking MD (37 bar) water extraction press rebuilt
SHUTTLE - refurbished
DRYERS - Senking DT60 gas heated dryers - refurbished
Senking P18 CBW System
CBW - Senking P18 x 13 fully rebuilt
PRESS - Senking SEP 50 (27 bar) Press rebuilt
SHUTTLE - Single cake shuttle refurbished
DRYERS - 5 x Passat 50 kg steam heated dryers refurbished
Passat transfer dryers
Passat 258.50 (50kg) transfer dryer
total of 5 units available with shuttle and compound controls
Steam heating - from 1997

Passat 258.135 (135kg) transfer dryer
4 units availabe 
Gas heating from 1998
Barrier Washer Extractor
100kg capacity
Steam heating
Large drain valve
Split drum (2 Pockets)
2 water inlets
Kannegiesser Feeder
GEM Feeder
Width 3000mm
4 feeding stations
1 lane via clamps
3 lane manual feeding
Kannegiesser Folder
KFM Folder
Width 3000mm
1 lane 3 longfolds and crossfold
3 lane up to 3 crossfolds
Works rebuilt 2003
Kannegiesser small piece folder
FQK Folder
Width 3000mm
3 lane crossfold & stack
Built 1995
Jensen Logic Feeder
Logic Feeder
Width 3000mm
3 pair feeding clamps
1 lane via clamps
3 lane hand feeding
Built 2006 
In good working condition
Jensen Universal Folder
Universal folder
Width 3000mm
1 lane 3 length fold & 3 crossfold
3 lane 3 cross fold
Stacker on left side
Built 1997 - fully rebuilt 2012
In good working condition
New Commercial Dryers
Selection commercial gas heated dryers

ADC Solaris SL 75 Dryer
ADC Solaris SL 50 Dryer
ADC D 50 Dryer
Kannegiesser Ironing line
Complete Kannegiesser Ironer line from 2007

EMT feeder - EMT S-33-01+2 4/4-1/2
HPM Ironer 2 x 1200 x 3300
SFM folder - SFM 33-1/2-3-KR3 SR1-R